Chinese Internal Kung Fu Curriculum

Qi Gong Health Exercises

  • Chen Pan Ling Longevity exercises
  • Five Animal Play
  • Chen Village Qi Gong
  • Pa Tuan Chin
  • Imperial Yang Qi Gong

Tai Chi Chuan

  • Nanking 99 Authentic Form
  • Chen Style 13 Forms (as taught by Zhu Tian Cai)
  • Imperial Yang 22 Forms (as taught by Wei Shu Ren)

Ba Gua Zhang

  • 8 Mother Palms
  • Swimming Dragon Form (as taught by Chen Yun Ching)
  • Swimming Dragon Staff, single and double swords (as taught by Chen Yun Ching)

Hsing I Chuan

  • Five element fists/applications 12 animal forms/applications linking form/applications
  • 5 element cycle form and staff form (as taught by Chen Yun Ching)

Shaolin Kung Fu

  • Chen Pan Ling Mountain Top Boxing Forms/applications Series 1, 2, & 3
  • Shaolin Tiger Crane Form/applications
  • Shaolin Crouching Tiger form
  • Shaolin Broad Sword Form
  • Shaolin 22 Form Staff
  • Shaolin 42 Form Spear