Traditional Goju Ryu Karate

Kakurin Kan offers a professional and caring environment, free of politics and ego.

Studies include 3 volumes of textbooks and DVD/Video resources that are a valuable resource and reference guide to students from beginner to instructor level.

Our classes are friendly, structured and relaxed. They consist of strong basics, study of Kata (forms) with a strong emphasis on the training and understanding of bunkai. Principles contained in the bunkai are also practiced in unique and combat effective sensitivity-based partner drills.

Each Kata practised in the Kakurin Kan Dojo contains different themes and power generating principles.

Classic Curriculum: Fundamental Kata

  • Gekisai Dai (ichi),
  • Gekisai Sho (ni)
  • Sanchin
  • Tensho

Classic Curriculum: Intermediate Kata

  • Saifa
  • Sanseiru
  • Seienchin
  • Sepai

Classic Curriculum: Advanced Kata

  • Seisan
  • Shisochin
  • Kururunfa
  • Suparinpei

Additional Training Kata

  • Nifunchi 1-3
  • Pinan 1-5

Senior Instructor Kata

  • Sochin
  • Unsu
  • Kakufa (Crane Fist) 1-3
  • Nepai
  • Neisaishi